Advanced Editing

Basic Editing

How to get started working on your website: logging in, finding and adding content, how to use summaries, and more

Get Help

Get help through the Digital Team or Ektron’s online user manual. 


Everything web maintainers need to know about website menus


The optional Headline field will replace a page’s title when the page is actually being viewed. It is located on a page layout’s Metadata tab.

Guide to New Web Editor

While most functions of the new web editor are easy to figure out, there are some differences between it and the previous editing system.

Working With News

Information about posting news, getting it into IUP Now, using sticky news, suggesting a news item, and writing an effective news post.

Working with the IUP Templates

Rather than creating pages, in Ektron you create content blocks and make them come together on a template.

Working With the Calendar

Do you have an event happening? Be sure to add events of interest to your unit’s calendar.

Create an FAQ

An FAQ page should already be created for you on your website; all you need to do is type in the question and answer. But if you need to add a new FAQ page, follow these steps.

Editing in Context

Using the “Edit in Context” function is best for quick edits only, such as correcting typos or punctuation. For full editing functions, please use the workarea.

The Inspector

The Inspector is where the Introduction style is set, plus it is used to align and properly describe images.

Edit a Page's Summary

Summaries are displayed in collections, tables of contents, search results, and possibly other locations.

Images and Video

Adding, uploading, and resizing photos; making a carousel slideshow; displaying a video on your webpage; making photo galleries; and more.

Uploading PDFs and Other Files

You can upload PDFs as well as Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office files into the content management system.


You can create a collection of links to other content on the website.

Content Styles

How to format the content of your pages using the styles in the CMS.

Adding New Content

How to add new content to the website through the CMS workarea.