Edit a Page's Summary

All pages in the CMS, and files to download, will need a summary. Summaries are displayed in collections, tables of contents, search results, and possibly other locations.

A summary is just that—a brief description (usually one sentence) that adds a little more information to the title. It should never repeat the title.

All pages are required to have summaries, and they must be manually added (or updated) by the web maintainer.

Adding a Summary

Open the page layout for editing from the Workarea (choose the Edit button, not Edit Page Layout).

When you open a content block for editing, you will be in the Content tab, where the main content is entered and edited.

Click on the Summary tab, which is just to the right of the Content tab.

the Summary tab

Enter a short summary of your content (one short sentence). Do not repeat the page title—make sure the description has meaning.

When you submit the page layout for approval, the summary will be reviewed before the page layout is published.

Note: Sometimes you may notice that the wrong description, or no description at all, displays under a link in one of your collections, possibly in the highlights collection on your home page. When you see an incorrect summary displayed, you will need to edit that linked page layout or file and change its summary, using the instructions above.