Bring Items Out of Archive

View archived contentArchived content (text and files) and page layouts are stored in the Ektron workarea, but no longer appear on the IUP website and cannot be linked to. To see your archived items, go to the appropriate workarea folder and choose View > Archived Content.

To Unarchive an Item

  1. Open it for editing.
  2. Go to the Schedule tab.
  3. Go to the End Date field, and click on the far-right Delete the Date and Time icon (see image below).
    The End Date field will clear.
  4. If the page or content is currently not ready to publish, choose Check In and complete your edits later.
  5. If there are no changes, choose Submit (or Publish).

Remember that a page layout must have its content blocks also unarchived, or the page will appear on the website, but will be blank.

Delete the Date and Time See which content items are used by a page layout

  1. In the workarea, click once on the page layout, but do not open it for editing.
  2. View the Content tab.
  3. Every “Value” line with a number following is a content block. The number is the content ID (see image below). Make sure that those content blocks are also unarchived.
    Content ID

Finding Content by Content ID

  1. Open the staging workarea and click on your website's main folder. (Or, if you are looking for a file on another department's site, click on their main folder.)
  2. In the right-hand pane at the top, hover over Action and click Search.
  3. Click the Advanced Search tab.
  4. Place a checkmark by Include Archived.
  5. Place the Item ID number into the Search Text field.
  6. Change the drop-down menu underneath to Content ID.
  7. Click the Search button to the right. The screen will reload and show the file.

Page layouts that are unarchived will usually appear in their menu automatically. However, there are exceptions for some menus, and those need to be updated manually by the Digital Team. We cannot tell when an item is unarchived compared to a regular submission. To be sure the website updates smoothly, it's best to send an email to letting us know that such-and-such a page layout is being unarchived.

Please note: Although the Schedule/Archive option is tempting to use, we ask that you please do not schedule anything to archive. That process is complicated to make sure we don't break any links, and it's best if the Digital Team handles any archiving of pages and content.

Do You Want a Page to be Deleted?

To ensure that menu links don't break, please email the Digital Team ( before marking any pages for deletion.