Approving Submissions

When content is ready for review, the approver will receive an email with a link to the item being submitted. The Cascade dashboard will also display a pink Waiting icon and a link in the “My Workflows” widget. Selecting the link leads to the “Workflow in progress- Draft Needs Approval” window.

The Cascade dashboard's “My Workflows” widget shows content from your site that is in workflow. If there is also a pink Waiting icon, that means that the workflow is waiting for your action. (No icon means the content is assigned to someone else, but is also still in workflow.)

To Review the Submission

  1. Click on the workflow item.

  2. Choose Assign this step to me (in the left-middle of the screen).

  3. Click on the item icon under Asset in workflow. The submitted content will load.

    • If you want to see what changed, click on the More link at upper right, then choose Compare with current. The page will show markup indicating original and changed text.

  4. You can then click your web browser’s Back button to return to the main workflow page. From here, choose one of the Available Actions:

    • Approve: Submits the content without changes to the Digital Team for publishing.

    • Edit: Opens the item for further editing. It can then be submitted normally.

    • Request Changes from Owner: Sends the item back to the previous person in workflow. A “Comments” window will open for you to include an @username message explaining what needs fixed. This message will be sent to the submitted ONLY if you include @username (their IUP username)

The “Workflow in progress” window also shows the history of this item’s workflow.