Program Fees

  • ACT 120: Municipal Police Academy

    • $6,000 tuition fee
    • $30 application fee
    • $75 physical conditioning assessment
    • $250 psychological evaluation
    • additional background check fees
    • $300 supplemental costs (subject to change)

    This program is approved for Veterans Affairs benefits and financial aid (loans and PELL grants). Students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have questions about financial aid for attendance in the Municipal Police Officers' Training Academy, please call the Financial Aid office at 724-357-2218. The campus Veterans' office can be reached at 724-357-3009.

    ACT 180 (Mandatory In-Service)

    $60.00 per officer. The cost is usually covered by the police departments. Only currently employed police officers are eligible to attend. Other law enforcement agencies may purchase vouchers to attend.

    Non-Mandatory In-Service

    No charge. Police departments may apply for grants from MPOETC to cover the costs of the course. Participants must be affiliated with a police department and sponsored for enrollment.

    Act 49: Title 44 Constable Training

    Training is free but limited to all elected or appointed constables through the PCCD and the Constables Education and Training Program.