A student works with a professor in the lab.

Professors with Expertise, Biotech Industry Experience

Versatile backgrounds in the biotech industry, research, and academia combine to make the biochemistry faculty a rich IUP resource. If you aspire to higher academic degrees, this faculty knows how to assist you. Equally, your goal to enter the biotech industry will be well served by professors who are admired and respected by large biotech corporations.

  • You will have a team of experts on your side when you apply for a competitive biotech internship. Letters of recommendation from professors who know you well and other elements will aid your campaign for real-world experience.
  • Critical ongoing research by faculty gives you the opportunity to assist seasoned professionals in IUP's well-equipped labs. Side-by-side instruction builds confidence in your knowledge and skills.
  • Our professors provide excellent guidance for entering the workforce because they have been there and done that. They understand the many paths available to you in the expanding realm of biotech.
  • Your medical school aspirations will be supported by professors who have an excellent track record in helping students gain acceptance to professional schools.