• Fall 2001
    The Student Employment Center is pleased to provide you with its first edition of the office’s newsletter, which will include information about student employment and other related topics. Students seeking part-time employment may access a listing of available jobs by several methods described in this newsletter.
    Spring 2002
    This edition of the newsletter covers a variety of topics. Some of the highlights are a section called Can You Tell Me Where All My Tuition Dollars Go? and information on Federal Work Study.
    Fall 2002
    Some highlights from this edition are Coping With Grief and Mourning, What Makes a Good Employee?, and Tips for the Good Supervisor.
    Spring 2003
    What Makes an Outstanding Student, the 2002 Student Employee of the Year, and “Get Outta Your Box!” are among the items included in this issue of the newsletter.
    Fall 2003
    Look in this issue for a variety of items including articles on internship opportunities, University Testing Services, and “What Do Employers Expect of Me?”
    Fall 2004
    In this issue, you’ll find To Fit In or Not – That Is the Question, Tips for Student Employees, and information on the Disney College Program.
    Spring 2005
    This issue contains information on the IUP Libraries and the College Central Network, as well as a reminder to register for a workshop.
    Fall 2005
    Some of the articles in this issue are Meet the President, Not Just Academics: How Community Service Can Enhance Your College Experience, and What Women’s Studies Can Do For You.
    Fall 2006
    Among the items covered in this issue are the College Central Network, what to wear, and Delta Epsilon Iota.
    Fall 2007
    Look inside this issue for information on our career workshop, AmeriCorps, Delta Epsilon Iota, and the top five reasons to be employed.
    Spring 2009
    See inside this issue for articles such as Tips from the Résumé Guru: How to Make Your Student Employee Position Work on a Resume, Q and A with the Dean of Education, and Positivity Makes Providing Customer Care a Snap!