Speed Interviewing and Networking

The Speed Interviewing and Networking program is open to all students for the purpose of advancing their professionalism and career preparedness.

Dates will be announced as they are finalized.


The program is much like the concept of speed dating. Speed Interviewing and Networking is a simulated interviewing experience for students that is followed by an opportunity to network with professionals and peers.


About 10-20 undergraduate students circulate through 10-20 interviewers (professionals), spending about five minutes per interviewer. Each interviewer is provided one question to ask each student throughout the event. Interviewers remain seated at the interview tables and the students circulate from one interviewer to the next. The interviewer asks the student a question, listens for the answer, and provides feedback to the student. A bell sounds to signify when it's time for the student to move to the next interviewer.


Students and interviewers are invited to remain after the interview portion of the event to enjoy light refreshments and some informal networking.