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The IUP RoadTrip Nation Experience

Eleven years ago, four students from IUP visited three cities, spoke with six alumni, and created one video you've got to see!

During Spring Break 2009, four undergraduate students traveled to New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC to film interviews with six IUP alumni about their experiences in college and in their professional and personal lives. The result is RoadTrip IUP, a video inspired by the PBS documentary and series RoadTrip Nation. The founders of RoadTrip Nation sought to help students explore their potential future paths by seeking the stories of individuals who have chosen to live life based on what they are passionate about.

The Students

Three of the four RoadTrip IUP Interviewers
  • Emily Dowdell: Senior Spanish education major with a minor in theater; member of the IUP Ambassadors and Cook Honors College
  • DeAnna Allen: Senior journalism major and member of the IUP Ambassadors
  • Justin Rossi: Sophomore criminology pre-law major and member of Delta Epsilon Iota, an honorary fraternity for career-focused students
  • Brandon Roudebush: Junior communications media major and the team videographer

The Alumni

  • Leland Hardy, Eberly College of Business '84: Entrepreneur, Wall Street analyst, professional boxer, professional actor; speaks six languages
  • Matthew Edmiston, Natural Sciences and Mathematics '07: Biology teacher, Roberto Clemente Middle School, Harlem
  • Bruce Graham, Fine Arts '79: Playwright with 12 plays, two movie screenplays, and television show and movie scripts
  • Kim Glovus, College of Education '81: News reporter/personality, KYW News Radio
  • Stephanie Lambidakis, Humanities and Social Sciences '81: Emmy Award-winning news reporter; Cable News Network, ABC News, and CBS News/Radio
  • Elaine Sheetz, Fine Arts: Music teacher and restaurateur with five restaurants in the DC region

RoadTrip IUP LogoVideo Running time: approximately 60 minutes