The IUP Eberly College of Business conducts one of the largest business internship programs in Western Pennsylvania.

Eberly College students major in:

We also have students enrolled in the MBA, MBA-Executive Track, and PhD programs.

As an employer of Eberly interns, you can look forward to a year-round source of highly motivated young students who have had academic training in business and in their field(s) of study

Eberly interns can be utilized as temporary staff for short-term projects or ongoing operations and can be recruited at all times of the year to meet the needs of the employer.

Business internships provide employers a flexible, cost-effective workforce that does not require a long-term commitment. Most importantly, employers receive a chance to preview the performance of strong candidates for future employment in a variety of positions.

By taking part in internship programs, employers also assist the Eberly College by providing valuable hands on experience for students learning more about their fields.

Internships play an important role in a student's learning experience. Employers are asked to monitor, guide, and supervise the job performance of their Eberly interns. Employers are expected to orient students to their role and responsibilities and to company policies and procedures, and to assign varied responsibilities that utilize career-related skills and promote professional development.

More information about employer responsibilities can be found in the employer instructions. If you have any questions about hiring Eberly interns, please contact Maureen Bash at the