Work Samples

  • The success of your application is determined substantially by the artistic quality of your work, which is initially demonstrated by your work samples. Examples of your work are the most direct evidence of your artistic capability and should be of the highest calibre possible.

    Work samples chosen should be of a high professional quality at the same level as you would submit to a major gallery, producer, director, or publisher. Failure to provide high quality work samples may be an indication that you are lacking the professional experience required to be a Directory artist.

    • Your samples should represent work completed in the last two to three years; and if part of a collaborative process, be sure those reviewing your work know exactly what your contribution was.
    • Work samples should be chosen to demonstrate your artistic ability and not that of students or classes you have instructed.
    • If you are or have been a teacher related to the arts, please be sure to demonstrate your abilities more as an active professional artist, as that is the primary criteria for this program.
    • Send copies or duplicates of your work, not originals; and please do not send more samples than requested.

    Slides and CD-ROMs: Slides need to show work clearly and you may want to include some detail shots as part of the maximum allowed. Sharp focus and adequate lighting allow the review panel to see your work at its best. You should include at least one close up of one of your pieces. As an alternative, you may submit your work digitally on CD-ROM and are of a high-quality resolution.

    Audio tapes, video tapes, and CDs: The videotape should be clearly lit and include the best of the best, preferably with some close shots of details. Professionally produced recordings are not required, but the panel should be able to see and/or hear clearly enough to evaluate the work without the distraction of a poor quality recording. Production credits are important so that your role in the work is clearly stated and identifiable. Be sure to include your best work first on any recording as there may not be time to review the entire recording.

    Creative Writing: You may submit up to ten pages total of several works and all submissions must be typed. If you are submitting excerpts of longer fiction or nonfiction, you may use up to fifteen pages total. Fiction and nonfiction should be double-spaced.