Program Coordinators

Administration and Leadership Studies (DEd)

Dr. Susan Sibert

Academic Advising Certificate

Dr. John Lowery

Administration and Leadership (PhD)

Dr. Alex Heckert
Dr. Christian Vaccaro

Applied Archaeology (MA)

Dr. Benjamin Ford

Applied Mathematics (MS)

Dr. John Chrispell

Athletic Training (MS)

Dr. James Racchini

Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate

Dr. Annah Hill

Behavior Analysis Certificate

Dr. Timothy Runge

Biology (MS)

Dr. Cuong Diep

Business (PhD)

Dr. David Yerger

Business Administration (MBA)

Dr. Kenneth Bohl

Business, Computers, and Information Technology Certificate

Dr. Lucinda Willis

Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA)

Dr. Brittany Pollard

Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

Dr. Laura Knight

Counselor Education and Supervision (PhD)

Dr. Holly Branthoover

Criminology (MA)

Dr. Sadie Miller

Criminology (PhD)

Dr. Alida Merlo

Curriculum and Instruction (DEd)

Dr. Kelli Kerry-Moran

Dietitian-Nutritionist Program (MS)

Mrs. Jodie Seybold

Education (MEd)

Dr. Daniel Wissinger

Education, Training, and Instructional Technology (MA)

Dr. Jacqueline McGinty

Educational Psychology (MEd)

Dr. Lynanne Black

English 7-12 Post-Bac Certificate

Dr. Emily Wender

English: Composition and Applied Linguistics (PhD)

Dr. Gloria Park

English: Composition and Literature (MA)

Dr. Michael T. Williamson

English: Literature (MA)

Dr. Michael T. Williamson

English: Literature and Criticism (PhD)

Dr. Veronica Watson

English: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL)

Dr. Gloria Park

English-TESOL Graduate Certificate

Dr. Gloria Park

Food and Nutrition (MS)

Dr. Pao Ying Hsiao


Dr. Christopher Schaney

Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Geospatial Techniques Certificate

Dr. Christopher Schaney

Geospatial Intelligence Analysis Graduate Certificate

Dr. Christopher Schaney

Health and Physical Education (MEd)

Dr. David Wachob

Health Services Administration (MS)

Dr. Scott Decker

Human Resources and Employment Relations (MA)

Dr. David Piper

Literacy (MEd)

Dr. Julie Ankrum

Mathematics Education (MEd)

Dr. Valerie Long

Media and Communication Studies (PhD)

Dr. Zachary Stiegler

Music (MA)

Dr. Matthew Baumer

Music Education (MEd)

Dr. Matthew Baumer

Music Performance (MA)

Dr. Matthew Baumer

Nursing (DNP to PhD)

Dr. Kristy Chunta

Nursing (MS)

Dr. Pamela O'Harra

Nursing (PhD)

Dr. Kristy Chunta

Nursing: Simulation and Technology Certificate

Dr. Pamela O'Harra

Principal Certification

Dr. Susan Sibert

Public Affairs (MA)

Dr. Aleea Perry

Reading Specialist Certification

Dr. Julie Ankrum

Safety Sciences (MS)

Dr. Wanda Minnick

Safety Sciences (PhD)

Dr. Jan Wachter

School Counseling (MEd)

Dr. Brittany Pollard

School Counseling Certification

Dr. Brittany Pollard

School Psychology (EdS)

Dr. Lynanne Black

School Psychology (PhD)

Dr. Courtney Leone

Sociology (MA)

Dr. Hilario Molina

Special Education MEd and Certification

Dr. Annah Hill

Speech-Language Pathology

Dr. Lori Lombard

Sports Science Exercise Science Track (MS)

Dr. Robert Alman

Sport Science Sport Management Track (MS)

Dr. Richard Hsiao

Strategic Communication (MS)

Dr. Erick Lauber

Student Affairs in Higher Education (MA)

Dr. John Lowery

Vocational Administrative Director Graduate Certificate

Mrs. Paula Andrei