Vision and Mission

  • The following vision statement was approved by the University Senate and the Council of Trustees in December 2013:

    The Vision for IUP's Future 

    The Vision for IUP’s future

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a community where teaching, research, and service empower students to become innovative leaders while enhancing communities throughout the world. Remaining true to its traditions, IUP assesses society’s needs and opportunities and meets them.

    Students are hardworking, ready to learn, and come from diverse cultures, places, and backgrounds. Energetic, dedicated, and diverse staff and faculty members welcome them to a personal, vibrant college home. Students participate in many intentional and interconnected learning experiences in their studies, in their lives, and in the world.

    Professors are active scholars and teachers in their disciplines who work together to expand their impact. They engage students in carefully designed open-ended, hands-on experiences to reinforce and enrich what students learn in the classroom. Professors use technology to enhance student learning and augment the face-to-face and peer-learning experiences that are the foundation of excellent education.

    Alumni say their student experience was the best preparation for work and life. They continue to find joy in the bonds they built as students and the new connections they make with faculty and staff members, students, and other alumni. They are proud and they choose to invest in IUP's future.

    IUP and the communities it serves work together to build a strong society and robust economy. IUP uses partnerships and activities to connect community members, students, faculty and staff members, and alumni, building a commitment to their shared future.  

    IUP Values

    • Demonstrating an excellent return on educational investment.
    • Knowing students as individuals who work closely with faculty and staff members.
    • Responding to the needs of students and society with a range of innovative programs and scholarship.
    • Employing evidence in decision making and in demonstrating results.
    • Drawing on IUP’s tradition in Indiana and western Pennsylvania to serve students worldwide.
    • Enjoying historic, inspirational, and functional campuses and facilities.
    • Using technology to reach place-committed students and enhance learning for all.
    • Celebrating engaged, successful alumni.


    Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a leading public, doctoral/research university, strongly committed to undergraduate and graduate instruction, scholarship, and public service. 

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania engages students as learners and leaders in an intellectually challenging, culturally enriched, and contemporarily diverse environment.

    Inspired by a dedicated faculty and staff, students become productive national and world citizens who exceed expectations personally and professionally.

    More Information

    Download the IUP Vision and Mission statement as a PDF, or find out more about the Strategic Visioning Project.