Information for Writing Center Faculty

  • The Graduate Editing Service is a joint effort by the School of Graduate Studies and Research and the Jones White Writing Center. The service is designed for graduate students whose complete draft of their thesis, dissertation, or proposal has been reviewed by their advisors. There is no charge for using the service, although students are limited to two submissions.

    When should my student submit their draft?

    The best time to submit the draft is after the advisor has reviewed it and before it is submitted to reviewers on the committee. In some cases, students need help with their writing before they can complete a draft. In this case, they should meet with a graduate tutor in the Jones White Writing Center.

    What do editors do when they edit a draft?

    Editors begin by submitting the document to the iTHenticate plagiarism detection program and offer suggestions, if needed, to help writers address problems identified in the iTHenticate report. Editors then review the document for formatting, sentence structure, grammar, mechanics, and punctuation. Using the Track Changes feature of MS Word, editors also mark problems of clarity and consistency, with the understanding that editing decisions are often subjective. The ultimate responsibility for revision lies with the student and their advisor.

    As a rule of thumb, editors devote approximately one hour to each chapter. Typically, they give greater attention to the first part of each chapter and provide examples and suggestions to help writers complete any remaining edits on their own.

    Who are the editors?

    Editors are current and former IUP graduate students, professional editors, and writers. They receive training from the Jones White Writing Center.

    How will I know whether my student has used the service?

    The faculty advisor is notified when the service has received their advisee’s manuscript. The editor returns the manuscript within three to five days of the submission date chosen by the writer. It is then the student’s responsibility to complete the revision process.

    Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

    Please contact professor Ben Rafoth, director of the Jones White Writing Center, at

    Important note:

    The Graduate Editing Service and the School of Graduate Studies and Research both edit theses and dissertations, but they are not the same. The Graduate Editing Service focuses on clarity, organization, grammar, and style, whereas the SGSR focuses on formatting, particularly the front matter and references. Both the GES and SGSR submit the manuscript to iThenticate. The GES will alert you to problems and suggest ways to address them before you submit the manuscript to the Graduate School. The consequences can be serious if you submit a manuscript to the SGSR that contains plagiarized text. Therefore, students should use the feedback from the GES, including the iThenticate report, to make all necessary corrections to their manuscripts before submitting them to the SGSR.