Spring 2014 Course Offerings for Women's and Gender Studies Minor

  • Note: This course listing is for reference only. For updates and additional information, please refer to the schedule of classes listed on MyIUP.



    22150WMST200001Intro to Women's StudiesElizabeth Ricketts
    22299WMST200002Intro to Women's StudiesAlexis Lothian
    21369CRIM450001Women and Crime

    Alida Merlo

    21370CRIM450002Women and Crime Alida Merlo
    21371CRIM450003Women and CrimeBitna Kim
    21372CRIM450004Women and CrimeBitna Kim
    21543ENGL225001Into to Literature by WomenAlexis Lothian
    20646PSYC411W01Psychology of WomenMaureen McHugh
    20647PSYC411W02Psychology of WomenMaureen McHugh
     22197RLST245001Women and ReligionTheresa Smith
     23112SOC251001Sociology of Human SexualityMichelle Sandhoff
     23113SOC251002Sociology of Human SexualityMichelle Sandhoff
    23146SOC363001Sociology of GenderMelissa Swauger
    23148SOC363002Sociology of GenderMelissa Swauger
    SOC363003Sociology of GenderMelissa Swauger

    * HPED 143 Contemporary Women's Wellness- This course fulfills the Dimensions of Wellness category for Liberal Studies, but does not count as a Women's Studies minor elective. However, Women's Studies recommends it to our students