Joe York in Prog Metal Versions of Sweeney Todd TAKING THE STAGE – Joe York '12 appears above as a character in the Prog Metal version of Sweeney Todd, which he performed in Washington, DC. In New York, he's performed in professional productions, including Tommy and Les Miserables.

Creativity in Theater, Dance, and Performance Opens the Curtain to Choices

Your gift for self-expression becomes a way of life. You take it wherever you go. If your dream is to be employed as an actor or dance professional, then the job opportunities are obvious. Outside those paths, your ability to direct, design, and collaborate with a diverse group of people may take you beyond the borders of entertainment. Apply the strong interdisciplinary foundation you build to any industry that respects bright ideas, presentation, collaboration, and the keen focus artists bring to their work.


With a BA in theater and dance, your professional options are many. These are some that our graduates enjoy:

  • Performer (actor, singer, and/or dancer)
  • Playwright
  • Director or producer
  • Stage manager
  • Event manager
  • Set, lighting, costume, or sound designer
  • Stagehand
  • Arts organization founder
  • Administrator and events planner
  • Attorney
  • Studio owner
  • Counselor or therapist
  • Business executive

Path to Higher Degrees

Expand your career options by completing graduate studies.

  • MFA in Acting or Dance
  • MFA in Playwriting or Directing
  • MFA in Scenic, Costume, Lighting, or Sound design
  • MFA in Stage Management
  • MFA in Film
  • PhD in Performance Studies
  • PhD in Theater History
  • MA in Theater Education
  • MA in Theater Arts