Select or Start a Group That Is of Professional Interest to You

  • Select a group that plans to study, experiment with or implement some issue or technique to which you can personally and professionally commit .  If no group currently exists, float your topic and see if there are others who would like to join you in exploration and reflection!

    Cross-Disciplinary Teaching Circle (CTC) Example:   You are having difficulty getting good discussions going in your classes.  You might find three other people from a variety of disciplines who teach a range of class sizes that have a similar interest in improving the content, duration, and outcomes of class discussion.

    Department Teaching Circle (DTC) Example:   You are distressed that over the past two years in your sections of the introductory course for majors only about half of the students are passing the course.  In talking to other instructors of this multi-section class, you find that two of them are experiencing the same thing while the third instructor has only given handful of Fs in the past two years. So, what should you do about this?  Together you may find new approaches to ensure student success in this course.