Procedure to Establish Teaching Circles

    1. If you would like to form a new or continue an already existing Teaching Circle, please contact Heide Witthöft at, Reflective Practice co-director for Cross-Disciplinary and Department Teaching Circles. You should provide the name of the Teaching Circle as well as that of the facilitator(s). 
    2. The facilitator(s) will then be sent an e-mail message with a link to a short electronic form to register the Teaching Circle. A list of all Teaching Circles and facilitator information will be put on the CTE website. It will be periodically updated throughout the academic year.
    3. Once facilitators have registered their Teaching Circle, they will be sent a link to a second electronic form which they will forward to colleagues who have contacted them and expressed an interest in joining the Teaching Circle. As soon as these colleagues complete this electronic form, they will officially be registered as members of the Teaching Circle.
    4. New members can be added to Teaching Circles at any time throughout the year, but facilitators will need to remember to send them the link to the electronic membership registration form, so they can officially register as participants.  
    5. Colleagues who participate in more than one Teaching Circle need to fill out a separate electronic form for each to register their membership.

    This procedure will ensure that we have an accurate database of facilitator and membership information. It will also provide us with department and contact information as well as the correct spelling of everybody’s name. This information will help expedite the processing of the certificates recognizing Active and Active Plus status in the Reflective Practice Project of the Center for Teaching Excellence at the end of the academic year.

    Please note:

    • Facilitators will not be automatically notified of who registered as members of their Teaching Circles, but they will get several updates during each term in order to be able to compare their data to the information we have in the Member Registration database. Colleagues who are attending meetings but do not appear in the official database should be encouraged to register. Facilitators may request membership updates at any time from Heide Witthöft at
    • A list of active Teaching Circles for the 2017–18 Academic Year will be put on the Center for Teaching Excellence website. This list will also provide facilitator information. Colleagues interested in joining Teaching Circles should only register for those Teaching Circles whose facilitator(s) they have previously contacted.
    • If there are any changes in the name of the Teaching Circle or facilitator status, please contact Heide Witthöft at as soon as possible with that information.

    Please also remember that your Teaching Circle can apply for a CTE Mini-Grant for up to $500. Teaching Circles can be established at any time during the academic year, but the deadline for applying for a Mini-Grant is October 6, 2017, 4:30 p.m.  Information on how to apply for Mini-Grants will be sent to all Teaching Circle facilitators at the beginning of the fall semester and will also be available on the CTE website. 

    Reflective Practice Teaching Circle Facilitator Guidelines - Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the content.

    Call for Mini-Grant Proposals

    Mini-Grant Guidelines — Links to the Mini-Grant Application Form as well as the Mini-Grant Proposal Evaluation Sheet.

    Happy Teaching!
    Heide Witthöft
    Reflective Practice Co-Director, Cross-Disciplinary and Department Teaching Circles