Keep Notes of Attendance and Progress on Tasks

  • At the end of the academic year, you will be asked to send a report of the group’s activities to the Reflective Practice (RP) Co-director for Cross-disciplinary and Department Teaching Circles.  These reports are posted on the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) web site and will help us as we document the accomplishments and growth of the Reflective Practice Teaching Groups.  Creating these reports and keeping notes may also be very helpful in your own work: they can become part of a professional portfolio or may assist you in publication: many of our Reflective Practice members have wound up publishing, presenting, or receiving grants related to their work in teaching circles.

    Cross-Disciplinary Teaching Circle (CTC) Example:  After a year of work, the group has an annotated bibliography, has created a variety of assessment techniques for class discussion, and has realized that diversity of all kinds plays an important role.  A copy of the annotated bibliography is sent to the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) library of teaching resources and the final report is put on the web site.  The Teaching Circle is asked to do a large group presentation on assessing discussion, and also winds up presenting its work at a national conference.  The members reconstitute themselves with two goals:  publication of material related to their previous year of work and new research on diversity and discussion. 

    Department Teaching Circle (DTC) Example:  Its year of work has produced a variety of assessment techniques, and the Teaching Circle members have a much stronger grasp of what aspects of the course content need to be strengthened and what can be given less attention.  The Teaching Circle presents its work and findings to the larger Reflective Practice community and also to a national audience in its discipline.  The members also go to a local restaurant and celebrate their accomplishments.  They decide they will continue to work the next year to implement changes across sections, work toward greater standardization balanced by individual professional practice, and reassess the course.