Make Sure Everyone's Goals are Included In the Circle's Work

  • No one should feel like s/he is “on the fringes” of the circle.  Given the time we have available to us, you are making a significant commitment.  You should feel comfortable in your group and ensure that everybody's contribution is welcome and appreciated.

    Cross-Disciplinary Teaching Circle (CTC) ExampleOne person has little difficulty with her small, upper level classes but really needs help with her larger, liberal studies course.  Another person says students insist they like the discussion in class, but he’s not convinced it actually helps them learn.  Your own classes often have discussions, but most students listen or offer brief comments when forced to involve themselves while a handful carry the burden.  Each person will be able to apply what s/he learns to his/her own classroom under the structure set up by the group.

    Department Teaching Circle (DTC) Example:  While waiting for the end of the semester and standardized exam results, the entire group agrees to visit each other’s classes when the same topic is being taught, and each will do a classroom observation and discuss what was observed regarding the content being presented.