2019-20 Teaching Circles

  • Center for Teaching Excellence Reflective Practice Teaching Circles 2019–20

    Updated 11-4-19 CTC= Cross-Disciplinary Teaching Circle DTC= Departmental Teaching Circle

    Type of Teaching Circle Open or Closed Name of Teaching Circle Brief Description Facilitator Facilitator Email
    CTC Closed Pre-Tenure and Promotion Working Group To learn about the tenure and promotion process for tenure-track faculty, to review past year's promotion and tenure materials, and prepare our own tenure and promotion materials.

    Aleea Lynn Perry

    Jennifer Smith



    DTC Open Teaching LSE at IUP Members will share effective strategies for teaching English 100, 101, 121 and 202, especially strategies that foster engagement and support retention. Lynn Shelly lynn.shelly@iup.edu
    CTC Closed Research and Writing Support junior female colleagues as they balance maintaining an active research and writing agenda while teaching. Erin Conlin elconlin@iup.edu
    DTC Open Information Literacy and Information Innovations Teaching Circle To improve our effectiveness at teaching information literacy and information tools. Maria Barefoot barefoot@iup.edu
    CTC Open Mindfulness in Higher Education Teaching Circle The goals of the MHE Teaching Circle are to encourage to support, among its members, exploration of personal mindfulness-based contemplative practices, investigation of contemplative teaching strategies in higher ed through research, and, through discussion, reflection on personal practice and applications of mindfulness-based activities for learning in the classroom. Daniel J. Weinstein
    Kim Weiner
    CTC Closed

    “Facilitating Student Learning Through Interprofessional 

    To develop and integrate simulation experiences to increase student learning Pao Ying Hsiao pyhsiao@iup.edu
    DTC Open Improving Nursing Students’ Clinical Judgment Identify teaching-learning activities to improve nursing students' clinical judgment. Discuss challenges related to clinical judgment. Implement improvement measures related to clinical judgment. Taylor Edwards t.edwards@iup.edu
    CTC Open APSCUF Newer Faculty Teaching Circle   Rachel Fox rporter@iup.edu
    DTC Closed Healthy Teachers
    1. Discuss strategies for promoting faculty wellness.
    2. Describe stressors that hinder faculty performance.
    3. Reflect on strategies for promoting health and being effective in one's professional role.
    Kristy Chunta kchunta@iup.edu
    CTC Open Online Teaching and Learning To learn and share ideas and experiences related to online teaching and learning. Carrie Bishop cbishop@iup.edu
    DTC Closed Psychology Department Teaching Circle To provide a forum for more senior and less experienced members of the Psychology Department to share their teaching experiences, practices, and initiatives. William James Farrell wfarrell@iup.edu
    CTC Closed Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Teaching To facilitate dialogue across disciplines regarding teaching pedagogy, classroom management, and self-care. Melanie Duncan mduncan@iup.edu
    DTC Open General Chemistry Department Teaching Circle To improve the General Chemistry experience, particularly the laboratory component, of the students in the course(s). Wendy Lou Elcesser endyw@iup.edu
    DTC Open Emerging Technology Teaching Circle To explore the use of new and emerging technology while teaching and sharing scholarship. John Chrispell jchrispe@iup.edu
    DTC Open Theater EDI DTC To discuss and implement continued strategies to meet and surpass our departmental diversity goals in the classroom through curriculum, alumni involvement, and guest speakers. Ethan Hollinger eholling@iup.edu
    CTC Open Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Any Classroom Learn how to appropriately and actively address diversity and inclusion in any class so that all students know they are welcome. Anne Kondo akondo@iup.edu
    CTC Open Integrating Digital Design and Rapid Prototyping into the Classroom This teaching circle will use computer- aided design software and digital fabrication processes such as laser cutting, CNC milling and 3D printing to explore innovative ways to incorporate this technology into the classroom. Sharon Massey
    Sean Derry


     DTCOpen Anthropology OER Create an introductory anthropology
    Open Educational Resource
     Andrea Palmiotto
    Lara Homsey-Messer
     DTCClosed Assessment Planning and Revision  The teaching circle will help plan and analyze assessment data for the departments programs.
    Gail Sechrist gailsech@iup.edu 
     DTCClosed Mentoring Students Through Extracurricular Studio Art Practice  This teaching circle will explore effective strategies for mentoring undergraduate students through the
    development and creation of public exhibitions and events.

     Sean Derry
    Sharon Massey


     DTC ClosedGetting Things Done Teaching Circle 

     The primary goal of this teaching circle is to help IUP faculty to learn principles of effective time management as they have been developed according to productivity
    specialists. In order to pursue this goal, members of the teaching circle will read productivity documents
    and experiment with productivity software and technology. The secondary goal of this teaching circle is to learn how to apply productivity principals to classroom teaching, course preparation, and other faculty responsibilities. Since most productivity guides and
    software have been developed for business enterprises, the member of the group are working to find ways to adapt these concepts and tools to educational purposes.

     Gian Pagnucci pagnucci@iup.edu
    CTC Open Living-Learning Partners Teaching Circle  1) to explore LLCs as a HIP by
    reviewing best practices as
    confirmed by research, 2) to support colleagues currently participating in or considering participating in LLCs at IUP by providing appropriate professional development
     Dawn Smith-Sherwoodsmithshe@iup.edu 
     DTCOpen Safety Sciences  1) Publish Results of Last year's Reflective Practice Study. 2) Invite members of Advisory Board for
    discussion on course updates for MS program. 3) Start a path forward with Advisory Board member(s) on
    safety visualization article.
     Wanda Minnick wanda.minnick@iup.edu