Mary Renck Jalongo Biographical Information

Mary Renck Jalongo, PhD

Mary Renck Jalongo has been a faculty member in the Professional Studies in Education Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania since 1978. During that time, she successfully led the development of one new undergraduate program and two new master's degree programs. She has coordinated the Doctoral Program in Curriculum and Instruction for more than 10 years and has implemented major revisions to the program. In 1991-1992, Mary was named IUP's distinguished professor, a universitywide award based on teaching, research, and service.

As a writer, Mary has written, coauthored, and edited more than 30 textbooks and scholarly books with publishers such as Jossey-Bass, Teachers College Press, and Information Age Publishing. Two of the college-level texts, published by Pearson and Allyn & Bacon, have survived to the sixth edition. In addition, she has written over 30 book chapters; the most recent is “Re-examining the Literature Review: Purposes, Approaches, and Issues” (co-authored with Kelly Heider) for a handbook of research methods. Mary also has published monographs, position papers, and various encyclopedia entries.

With respect to articles in peer-reviewed professional publications, Mary has received six national awards for excellence in writing, including four EDPRESS awards. Her two most recently published articles include a focus group study of doctoral students' writing (coauthored with faculty from Australia and Canada) and a qualitative interview study of authors' and editors' insights about writing for publication.

Mary Jalongo is editor-in-chief for a bi-monthly journal published by Springer International, a position she has held since 1995. She also serves as series editor for Educating the Young Child, an edited book series that she launched successfully in 2006 with Springer. Spring 2014 sabbatical projects include three books co-edited with former doctoral advisees in various stages of completion as well as a book on research-based strategies for teachers working with young English Language Learners.

In terms of service, recent activities include serving as an education advisor to Sesame Street on children's vocabulary development; designing professional development activities for rural Head Start teachers; and volunteering at schools, libraries, and residential health care facilities to promote children's literacy and humane education goals.