Reflective Practice Executive Summary for 1993-94

Co-Directors: Barbara Blackledge, Theater, Robert Begg, Geography and Regional Planning, and Miriam Chaiken, Anthropology

  • 33 Faculty members from 21 Departments and all 6 Academic Colleges

RP Large Group Meetings

In the course of the year-long Reflective Teaching Project, faculty shared strategies for effective teaching, discussed difficulties that confronted them about their own teaching, experimented with new methods, and generally reflected on their role in the classroom. Project activities and formal workshops throughout the year on various pedagogical issues were presented both by IUP and external invited speakers. There were eight Large Group meetings held on these dates:

  • 8/26/93
  • 9/21/93
  • 10/19/93
  • 11/16/93
  • 2/15/94
  • 3/15/94
  • 4/19/94
  • 5/4/94 or 5/9/94

Cross-Disciplinary Small Groups

In addition to the Large Group meetings, each participant was paired with a partner from another discipline and college, and a mentor, an experienced teacher, who provided guidance and support for both of the paired partners. There were 15 of these mentor/mentee small groups.


25 September 1993

(50 participants)

Feedback Options to Improve Instruction

by Mary Ellen Weimer, Penn State

17-19 March 1994

(20 attended)

Annual Conference on Advancing Teaching in College Classrooms and Campus Cultures (State College, PA)

16 April 1994

(28 participants)

Creating Learning Communities

by Roberta Matthews, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY