Transitioning to Academia: The balance between theoretical and applied applications

Glen Ishoy Transitioning to Academia 4-17-17Monday, April 17, 2017 3:30-5:00 p.m., Location: HUB, Allegheny Room

Speakers: Dr. Wanda Minnick, Safety Science; Dr. Hilliary Creely, Assistant Dean of Research-SGSR; Dr. Glen Ishoy, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

The Center for Teaching Excellence, in association with the Division of Academic Affairs and the School of Graduate Studies and Research, is pleased to offer a seminar series designed to provide an overview of college teaching for graduate students across all colleges and disciplines.

This session will focus on the transition from jobs outside of academia to those inside academia. Faculty discuss their transition from the corporate arena and the public/private sector to academia. The discussion will include the change in culture, mission, focus, and often ideology as one transitions from the applied world to the theoretical or functioning world.

Video of this Seminar