The Interview Process: Selling yourself may not be as easy as it may seem.

Monday, March 20, 2017 3:30-5:00 p.m., Location: HUB, Allegheny Room

Speakers: Dr. Mary Stewart, English; Dr. Valerie Long, Mathematics; Dr. Daniel Scott, Criminology

The Interview Process

The Center for Teaching Excellence, in association with the Division of Academic Affairs and the School of Graduate Studies and Research, was pleased to offer a seminar series designed to provide an overview of college teaching for graduate students across all colleges and disciplines.

Based on initial interest, the goal was to expand the program beyond monthly meetings for a more in-depth, student-centered initiative to enhance understanding and competence in the major areas of faculty responsibility: teaching, advising, scholarship, and service.

Our second meeting of the spring 2017 semester was held on Monday, March 20, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the HUB Allegheny Room.

In this session panelists discussed the on-campus, Skype, or telephone interview process. The competitiveness of the job search process leaves little room for error. The hiring agency's granting of an interview indicates their interest in you. Your goal is to make sure that interest is increased during and after the interview process. Specific issues for discussion will include over-confidence and under-confidence; the difficulty of selling yourself (identifying and selling transferable skills, especially prior service as it relates to academia); tough competition; employers' perceptions; practice interviewing; pre-interview procedures (e.g., searching the college, department, faculty, and administrative personnel) as well as onsite visit concerns (e.g., interaction with students, meals, timeliness, and never “letting your hair down”). The session concluded with avoiding frustration and pessimism at hiring freezes and rejections (numbers game, not personal).

Speakers: Mary Stewart, English; Valerie Long, Mathematics; Daniel Scott, Criminology

Video of session