Entering the Classroom: Taking the Podium Instead of a Seat

November 7, 2016, 3:30-5:00 p.m. Location: Ackerman 116

Speakers: Amber Racchini, Developmental Studies; Kayla Jachimowski, Criminology; Aaron Beasley, English

Seminar ParticipantsAs tenured faculty members prepare for class, it is interesting to listen to their discussions about excitement for the start of a new semester, curiosity about how or whether new materials, a new text, or a new form of delivery will work for the students; and awe at their colleagues new ideas for teaching, scholarship, service, and advising. Their discussions suggest that they are calm and at peace with the concept of teaching because they understand the environment and have been through the process twice a year for more years than they care to remember. During this seminar, we will focus on whether these are the same emotional reactions and concerns found in new faculty members who are entering into the classroom for the first time. Our speakers shared their experiences about preparing for their first class, entering into the classroom, and their self-reflections at week 12 (November 7) of their first semester of teaching. Additionally, Racchini discussed teaching strategies for Developmental Studies classes.

Seminar Video - Part 1

Seminar Video - Part 2