2016-2018 Preparing Future Faculty Archives

Graduate Students: Have you ever considered a career in higher education, including instructor positions at a community college? If so, please join us to learn more about academia in general and how to prepare to apply for college teaching positions.

The Center for Teaching Excellence, in association with the Office of the Provost and the School of Graduate Studies and Research, is pleased to offer a seminar series designed to provide an overview of college teaching for graduate students across all colleges and disciplines.

Based on initial interest, the goal is to expand the program beyond monthly meetings for a more in-depth, student-centered initiative to enhance understanding and competence in the major areas of faculty responsibility: teaching, advising, scholarship, and service.

Descriptions and a video of each session can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links below.

Current Issues in Academia and Community College Teaching

Rejection Before the Hiring Interview: The Importance of Developing a Solid Teaching Philosophy

Entering the Classroom: Taking the Podium Instead of a Seat

The Job Search: Search Inside Yourself Before Hitting the Internet

The Interview Process: Selling Yourself May Not be as Easy as it Would Seem

Transitioning to Academia: The Balance Between Theoretical and Applied Applications

Enhancing Marketability Through Research Opportunities at the Graduate Level

Student Recruitment and Retention

Developing and Assessing Course Objectives

If you have any questions about this program, please contact John Lewis (724-357-5604 or J.A.Lewis@iup.edu) or Stephanie Taylor-Davis (724-357-7800 or stdavis@iup.edu).