2012–13 Summary of Giving

  • Cover of the IUP Summary of Giving 2012-2013, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. True scholarship relies on innovation and concentration. Your generosity provides the chance for IUP students to prepare for all that the future holds. We thank you for your investment. We are pleased to share a few samples of what your generosity has done.
    Cover of the Summary of Giving, 2012–13

    In 2012–13, more alumni of IUP chose to make a philanthropic investment in their alma mater than in the last six years.

    In total, 6,947 alumni lent private support to IUP in fiscal year 2012–13.

    “We bucked a national trend with the increase,” said Bill Speidel, vice president for University Advancement. “Public university giving programs across the country have seen a downturn in alumni giving, and we’re pleased that our alumni believe in the power of their education.”

    Private gifts in support of IUP surpassed $6 million in the last fiscal year, which includes more than $1 million in support of athletics.

    The number of employees who participated in the University Family Drive also increased. Fully one third of the faculty and staff made a financial commitment to support various programs or scholarships.

    “We saw a 79 percent increase in the University Family Drive,” Speidel said. “When employees and alumni express through private giving their belief in IUP, it enhances our case when we seek support from alumni and from corporations and foundations.

    “Research from institutions like the College Board shows that society, generally, benefits from a college-educated populace. Those who support scholarships and program enhancements at IUP are investing in the future," Speidel said. 

    "We thank each and every one of the 9,146 people and all the corporations and foundations who invested in ourstudents.”

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