John Sutton Society, 2018-19

The 2018-19 John Sutton Society recognizes those who gave between $10,000 and $24,999.

Stephen Abel '73

Anonymous (4)

David Antolik '88 and Elizabeth Ferguson Antolik M'04

James Ashton Jr. '64 and Virginia Harrigan Ashton '64

Jane Miller Banks '56

Robert Basehore Jr. '71 and Kathie Kuvinka Basehore '71

Joan Frey Boytim '55, M'64

Richard Caruso '83

Charles Cashdollar '65 and Donna Cashdollar

Michael Driscoll and Rebecca Driscoll

Barbara Eisen

Joan Elliott*

Margaret Evans

Frederick Garbinski '65 and Judith Garbinski

Chris Holuta '89 and Luci Scerbo Holuta '89

Richard Hoskinson '60 and Lin Ace Hoskinson

Donna Carlson Howard '69

James Leda '95 and Leslie Vanderhoof Leda '98

Jane Ramsey Logan '63 and H. Morris Logan

Elaine Lytle Mead '70 and James Mead

Robert Millward and Kathleen Millward

Beatrice Moore

Mario Morino and Dana Morino

Phillip Neusius and Sarah Neusius

M. Michelina Zoffuto Olmstead '73, M'79 and Gary Olmstead

Dianne Mittura Rothstein '75 and Marc Rothstein

William Rusnack '66 and Marsha Zamberlan Rusnack '66

John Sitton

Candice Cedarland Spadafora '68 and William Spadafora

James Staples

Dennis Stover '76 and Regina Dressel Stover '75

David Wallace and Ruthie Wallace

Jim Wiley and Jackie Wiley '69, M'77

Ann G. Wilmoth


Loyalty Society Member

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