President's Council, 2017–18

The 2017-18 President's Council members made commitments to IUP of between $1,000 and $2,499.

Judith Ahern '67

Barbara Aiello '68

Erica Aiken M'03 and Matthew Aiken

Levent Akbay and Mary Beth Akbay

Francisco Alarcon

Barbara Morrison Albanese '86 and Joseph Albanese

John Albarano and Sandra Bryson

Jean DePietress Allegrini '88

Andrea Logue Alsippi '75

Michael Altschuler '75, M'76 and Theresa Altschuler

Robert Anderson '67 and Bonnie Anderson

Heather Andring

Anonymous (34)

Yaw Asamoah and Carol Asamoah

Robert Bachman '65

Glenn Bafia '85

Megan Baker '96 and Frank Lanni

William Balint '88 and Amy Balint '98

John Ballein '83 and Stephanie Ballein

Gretchen Barbor M'85 and John Barbor

Margaret Barnes '76

Donald Baronitis '76 and Anne Baronitis

Michael Barry '72 and Linda Barry

Sandra Koeppl Barsotti '87 and Ron Barsotti

Brian Basile '81

Paul Bea Jr. '71 and Nancy Heaton Bea '70

Charlene Bebko and Robert Bebko

William Bell '02, M'18

John Benedict

Elaine Berry M'67

Michael Bertness '88 and Denise Haverty Bertness '86

Prashanth Bharadwaj and Jaya Rao

Donald Binotto '76 and Marta Binotto

Gary Bird

Daniel Birnley '72

David Bluemling '85 and Sheila Mowry Bluemling '85

Susan Foltz Boklage '93 and James Boklage Jr.

Paul Bolig Jr. '71, M'73 and Jo Ann Bolig

Mark Bolinger '77 and Linda Bolinger

Charles Bove '85 and Stacy Kataoka

Susan Boser and David Brady

Amy Bria '87

Lonie Brice M'89 and Todd Brice

Eric Brocious '93, M'98 and Michelle Bednarski Brocious '94, M'97

Samuel Smith and Donna Smith

Larry Buckwalter '68 and Carol Buckwalter

Kimberly Burch

Matthew Burglund '98

Michael Burk '71, M'77 and Kathleen Kase Burk '72, M'80

Frank Burke '74 and Karen Burke

Daniel Burkett '86

Daniel Burns '82 and Valerie Burns

J. Bracken Burns Sr. '70 and Kathryn Burns

Bret Buterbaugh and Marie Buterbaugh

Carol Hollander Butzow D'91 and John Butzow

Jan Calhoun '66

Robert Camp

Courtney Canale '00

James Carino

Thomas Cavanaugh '73 and Linda Cavanaugh

Stanley Celich '90 and Patricia Celich

Mary Semelsberger Chakot M'78, D'93 and John Chakot

Aaron Chapman '87

Daniel Cicero '71 and C. Elaine Everitt

Frank Cignetti Sr. '60, M'65 and Marlene Cignetti

Samuel Clark '93 and Alicia Martini Clark '94, M'95

Gerald Clark '69 and Cheryl Dunlap Clark '68

Jonathan Clark '76 and Pamela Clark

James Clarke '78 and Rosemary Clarke

Susan Clarke-Johnson '80

Vaughn Clay Jr. and Sarah Mantel

Hope Coblentz M'85

John Conaboy '77 and Julia Morabito Conaboy '77

Miriam Chaiken and William Conelly

Amy McMillin Conjelko '90 and Brian Conjelko

James Victor Conrad '87 and Debbie Conrad

Charles Conrad '88 and Tabitha Duncan Conrad '96

John Constant '67 and Sara Espy Constant '67

J. Doyle Corman Jr. '57 and Rebecca Corman

Bethany Tate-Cornell '88 and Scott Cornell

Darren Cottrill '88 and Chrystal Cottrill

Dean Cottrill '88

Jere Cowden '69 and Sharon Tahl Cowden '71

Jeremy Critchfield and Lisa Critchfield

Regis D'Angelo '78 and Carol D'Angelo

William Dannecker '61 and Lois Dannecker

Jonelle Prether Darr '79 and Thomas Darr

Janet Daugherty '63 and Donald Daugherty

Daniel David '82 and Michele Reader David '83

Donald Davidson Jr. '73 and Diane Davidson

Euniesha Davis '00

Barry Day '72

Richard DeBastiani '61 and Iris Chapman DeBastiani '61

Eugene DeFrank '85 and Cynthia DeFrank

Laura Delbrugge and Mark Staszkiewicz

Matthew Denver and Elise Denver

Albert Dettorre Jr. '76, M'85 and Lujean Boring Dettorre '76

Rebecca McDonald Deutsch '81 and Thomas Deutsch

Sandra Hoover Diefenderfer '67 and William Diefenderfer III

Robert Dixon '69 and Susan Blose Dixon '69

Robert Dougherty '85

Gregory Drahuschak '69 and Kimberly Drahuschak

Mary Jo Dressel '82

David Duckett '75 and Joan Duckett

Diane Duntley

Donald Eisen and Barbara Eisen

Kelly Eschbach '86

Lisa Heinauer Evans '76 and Stephen Evans

Brandon Faber '01

Beverly H. Fazio

David Ferguson and Laura Ferguson

Richard Ferguson '62

Anthony Ferrari '70 and Kitty Ferrari

Lisa Fetsko '91

Shirley Ullom Filcik '53

Cassie Fish '06

Benjamin Ford

J. Clifford Forrest III and Tracy Forrest

John Frank '58 and Jeannette Frank

Sarah Fyock '12 and Scott Cook

Joseph Gallagher and Susan Gallagher

Barry Gasdek '64 and Rita Gasdek

Thomas Gathers '77 and Melanie Overman Gathers '78

Mary Mondrick Gatti M'70 and William Gatti

Gail Gerlach '59

Stephen Getsy '67 and Margaret Getsy

Susan Leventry Giannone-Neatrour M'75 and Paul Neatrour '67, M'75

John Gilly '79 and Jane McMahon-Gilly

George Glarner Jr. '56 and Betty Glarner

Beverly Bartzer Glendening '77 and Robert Glendening

Rose Dill Glenn '82 and W. Todd Glenn

Mary Beth Leidman and David Golub

Matthew Golub

Luis Gonzalez

Robin A. Gorman and Kay L. Gorman

William Grant '75 and Mary Grant

Carol Greene D'01

Rodney Grettler '79 and Rosanne Grettler

Terry Guthrie '70, M'72

Paul Haines '94 and Robin Haines

Sandra Nibling Hammonds '67 and Lawrence Hammonds

Charles Hasse '71 and Kathleen Hasse

Frances Thompson Hawkins Wells '78

Robert Hawsey '77 and Jeannie Hawsey

Timothy Hayes '82 and Ellen Kelsesky Hayes '82

John Henry '69 and Carol Highberger Henry '68, M'89

Daniel Henry '84 and Lauri Ziglear Henry '84

Philip Henry '81, M'82 and Beth Andrews Henry '84, M'86

Jo-Ann Taylor Herrick '72 and John Herrick

Becky Hilditch '05 and Douglas Hilditch

Jeffrey Hileman '80

Adam Hinds '97 and Kelly Hinds

Robert Hinrichsen

Mary Kennedy Hogan '11, '74 and Donald Hogan

David Holben '85 and Lisa Holben

Mary Hovanec '73 and Howard Miska

James Huettner '80 and Phyllis Croke Huettner '81

Janice Krall Hummel '75, M'79 and John Hummel

Patrick Imbrogno '78 and Denise Spangler Imbrogno '78

Tom Ingram '63 and Mollie Ingram

Daniel Jack '79 and Carolyn Jack

Nicholas Jacobs '69, M'72

Robert Jamison '65 and Carol Jamison

G. Bruce Jenkins

Ann Roberts Jesick M'80 and Randy Jesick

Brian Jones and Lynne Jones

Kevin Jones '03

Adrienne Kapisak '65

Marcus Keegan '95

Dennis Kelly M'90

George Kelly '82 and Lisa Kelly

John Kengla '67, M'72

Gloria Hullihen Kerr '70, M'75, D'96 and M. Dale Kerr

James Kerr '78, M'84 and Mariellen Kerr

Rosemary Tate Kerr '79 and Thomas Kerr

Thomas Kerstetter '72 and Sherri Kerstetter

John Kilmarx and Beth Kilmarx

Christopher King '87

Michael Kinley '85 and Elizabeth Kinley

Frank Kinter Jr. and Hastie Kinter

Francis Kish '60 and Judith Kish

Bruce Knickelbein '73 and Becky Graham Knickelbein '74, M'85

Michael Krueger '79 and Mary Krueger

Lisa Kruse '86

Larry Kubala '80 and Barbara Bentrim Kubala '68, M'73

Daniel Kupas '88

Laurie Frisina Kuzneski '93 and Andrew Kuzneski III

Barbara Anderson Laughlin '51, M'78

Michael Leard '87 and Mary Leard

Michael Lehman M'13 and Marybeth Lehman

Michael Lemasters and Karen Lemasters

Charles Leyh '80

Kathleen Linder

Joshua Liss '92 and Nicole Barger

Larry Lockard and Mary Lockard

Robyn Lockard M'08 and Bernard Lockard Jr.

Betsy Meanor Loeffler '82 and Thomas Loeffler

Donald Loomis

Dorothy Sullivan Love '81

Soo Lu

Joseph Lubold and Christina Lubold

Roseann Lubold

Rhonda Luckey and Alan Luckey '87, M'89

Aaron Ludwig '07

Lara Luetkehans

Michael Magee

Mark Mahoney '79

Maura Mittelhauser Marcus '90, M'01 and Robert Marcus

James Martin and Marcella Martin

James Mashey '88 and Joni Mashey

Florence Mauchant M'85

David Maudie '87 and Carol Maudie

Carl Mayer '67 and Carol Mayer

Karin Mayr

Patricia Curran McCarthy '89, D'15 and Thomas McCarthy

Robert McCaughan and Kathleen McCaughan

David McClymont '84 and Kathleen Lewis McClymont '84

Skip McGreevy '71

Pablo Mendoza

Robert Meyers

R. Keith Michael '52 and Marion Bankert Michael '51

Charlene Mickens Dukes '80

Catherine Mignogna '82

Patrick Mikesell '62

James Mill and Bonnie Mill

Alan Miller '80 and A Lorraine Miller

William Miller '79, M'03 and Arlene Lenzi Miller '78

Esther Craft Miller '59 and Edmund Miller

James Milligan '01 and Becky Boarts Milligan '01, M'03

Christian Minich '12 and Jamie Mead Minich '12

David Mintus '76 and Ruthy Mintus

Timothy Moerland and Mandi Moerland

Beverly Singel Molnar '84 and Timothy Molnar

John Moore '18, '88

David Moore '82 and Karole Scurci Moore '83

Mary Ordakowski Morgan '91 and Scott Morgan

John Morris '71

Ralph Morris '69

Barbara Morycz '72

John Mowrer III '71 and Anna Mowrer

Richard Muth M'96 and Brandy Muth

Edward Nardi D'96

William Neal and Kathryn Neal

John Nelson III '73

Judith Meister '80 and Andrew Newcomb

Kathleen Niezgoda '88

Edward Onderick and Catherine Onderick

Lloyd Onyett D'11 and Estelle Onyett

David Osikowicz Jr. and Debbie Osikowicz

Thomas Oswald '65

Jason Palangio

Gregory Palchak '73 and Elaine Marince Palchak '74

Michele Dougherty Papakie '93

Raymond Parker '72 and Deborah Parker

Wesley Perich '73 and Cecile Kelley Perich '74

Sam Phillips '91 and Lisa Phillips

Thomas Pignone '74 and Marianne Orlando Pignone '75

Jamie Potosnak '97 and Angela Orlando Potosnak '98

Cathy Glassford Powers '70*

Daniel Powers '70

Rick Radatovich '87 and Mary Radatovich

Monsurur Rahman

Terrence Ridge '88

Allen Childs '81 and Glenda Riley-Childs

Donald Rinchuse '69

Keith Rittle '91 and Kathleen Rittle

Brittnei Rizzo '06 and Bryan Force

Stephen Roach '01

Catherine Rodgers '71

Sean Rollman '92 and Michele Holdren Rollman '92

Patricia Kulp Rooney '86 and Patrick Rooney Jr.

Dennis Roumm '74

Gary Sadlon '76 and Christine Mihelcic Sadlon '76

Dorothy Salsgiver

John Sandstrom '88 and Jocelyn Hudak Sandstrom '95

Sam Scavo '61

Martha Sanderson Scheeren '65

Gregg Schmidt '78 and Sharon Ammons-Schmidt

Joan Schmitt

Mary Theresa Fosko Schwartzer '92 and Christian Schwartzer

Samuel Scott and Celinda Scott

Tracy Settle '80 and Sheri Settle

Jeremiah Shanahan '88 and Kristen Dean Shanahan '91

Jeffrey Shockey '80 and Debra Shockey

Bedford Silvey '62 and Marilyn Silvey

John Simpson '79 and Darlene Frye Simpson '80

Helen Sitler M'77, D'97

Jean Sabolovich Sledzik '61 and Herman Sledzik

AJ Smeltz '03 and Emily Davis Smeltz '01, M'02

Paula Smeltz AA'93 and William Smeltz

David Smith '67

Leslie Gatto Smith '83 and David Smith

Saundra Shea Smith '71

Paul Smocer '74 and Susan Seftic Smocer '75

Jo-Una Spadafora

Nathan Spade '01

Patricia Beaken Stahura '63 and James Stahura

Rebecca Stossel Stapleton '84 and Walter Stapleton Jr. M'87

Linda Stark '79

Michael Staub '80 and Gayle Leader

R. Scott Steele '78

Kenneth Steffy '03 and Chrystina Black Steffy '03

Joanne Steiner

Dana Steinert '15

Gregory Steve '88 and A. Regina Gover Steve '88

Douglas Steve '92, M'93 and Julie Steve

Brett Stewart

Martha Stitt Stewart-Finton '60 and Abe Finton

Benjamin Stiles and Carolyn Stiles

William Sugra and El Sugra

Timothy Sullivan '73

Kerry Wolfe Sunderland '88 and Daniel Sunderland

Michael Supinka and Vivian Supinka

Holly Boda-Sutton and William Sutton

C. Robert Tate '69 and Brenda Tate

Debora Ranieri Tate '89 and Louis Tate

Suzanne Kuhn Teele '82 and Edward Teele

Karen Troutman Testa '82 and Joseph Testa

Patricia Thatcher D'03 and Charles Thatcher

Ron Thomas and Gerri Thomas

Willis Travis '67, M'70 and Nancy Veyo Travis '68

Cedric Tyger and Sherry Tyger

Richard Ubinger '81 and Lori Ubinger

Albert Vaccaro '65, M'66

Debra Valentine Gray

Larry Vold and Edwina Vold

Jeffrey Wacker and Therese Wacker

Brien Wall '70 and Patricia A. Wall

Brian Walsh '98 and Keely Walsh

Robert Watson '66 and Nancy Watson

David Weaver '60 and Constance Weaver

Ned Wert '58

Stephen Wiedmaier '73 and Loucinda Wiedmaier

Adeline Jones Wilk '56

David Williams '79

Mary Williams '76 and George Martin

Michael Williams '77 and Rosanne Durica Williams '76, M'77

James Wilson

Lenora Saxton Woodard M'76 and Melvin Woodard

Scott Woods '94 and Amy Woods

Cornelius Wooten and Clarice Wooten

Walter Woytek

Thomas Wozniak '80 and Anne Wozniak

Rosina Yirenkyi '94

Alice Zaucha M'85 and Thomas Zaucha

Gilbert Zilner and Joan Zilner


Loyalty Society Member

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