1875 Founders Council, 2017–18

The 1875 Founders Council recognizes the generous support of those who invested $25,000 or more in IUP's students and programs.

Anonymous (3)

Lorna Milkovich Abernathy '83 and Justin Abernathy

Bonnie Harbison Anderson '80 and Steve Anderson

Tim Cejka '73 and Debra Phillips Cejka '73

Mary Dickey

Nancy Tenney Doverspike '77, M'79 and Lynn Doverspike

Elizabeth Gregg

Daniel Griffith '70, M'72 and Diane Griffith

Terry Griffith '74 and Donna McCrea Griffith '74, M'77

Garry Hess and Linda Hess

John Hranitz '63, M'70, D'73

Scott Hunter

Elizabeth Johnson

Elaine Reschini Judge '64, M'66

Lisa Judge

John Kopchick '72, M'75 and Char Labay Kopchick '73

Joseph Kovaleski and Susan Kovaleski

Edward Mackey and Cecelia Mackey

William Madia '69, M'71 and Audrey Delaquil Madia '70

Joseph Manzinger Jr. '81 and Cheri Manzinger

Penelope Moyer Naylor '77 and William Naylor

Nellie Byers Reynolds '48

David Scheffman

Bruce Schonour '71*

Terry Serafini '61 and Janet Serafini

Ronald Simkins '58 and Patricia Brown Simkins '55

Edward Sims '53*

Candice Cedarland Spadafora '68 and William Spadafora

James Staples

Frederick Streams '55

Christine Toretti

William G. Wagner '69 and Diane Wynn Wagner '69

Indicates Loyalty Society membership

*Indicates deceased

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