Megan McCue

Megan McCue
Student Advocate/Assistant Director of ASC@IUP

The goal of the student advocate is to create a supportive environment for our students and to offer high quality services to the entire university community in relation to student success.

Topics that the Student Advocate can assist with include:

  • Attendance Notification
    • Students who anticipate being out of class or away from campus for an extended period of time can work directly with the Student Advocate to request notification to their instructors.
  • Mentoring
  • Parent Orientation
    • Under the leadership of the Student Advocate, the Parent Orientation Program is available to parents and family members of incoming students during New Student Orientation. This program focuses on helping parents and family members understand their student's transition to the university system and the university wide resources and support services that are available to our students.
  • Peer Mentoring Program
    • Coming in the spring semester, the Peer Mentoring Program will facilitate Crimson Common Hours for first year students. Our Peer Mentors will work directly with first year students by focusing on success strategies and academic engagement.
  • Total University Withdrawal
  • Cancellation of Future Enrollment
    • Students who are not planning to continue their academic studies at IUP for the next semester at IUP are encouraged to meet with the Student Advocate to discuss options and if necessary cancel their future enrollment.

Students and faculty will find Megan's office in B01 Stabley Library. She can be reached at 724-357-4070 or You can also visit Megan in her office during office hours.