Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Survivor Resource Information

  • IUP is committed to an educational and work environment free from any form of sexual harassment and sexual violence. In addition to law enforcement, medical and counseling resources are available to help victims of sexual harassment and survivors of sexual violence.

    If you or someone you know experiences sexual harassment or sexual violence, you can find support and assistance through offices and agencies set up within IUP and in the communities surrounding our campuses. (See the listing below.)

    Medical Attention

    A sexual violence survivor should be referred to the nearest hospital if the alleged assault occurred within the last 72 hours. Evidence can be gathered to conduct medical-legal (forensic) examinations even if the survivor prefers not to prosecute at this time.

    An Indiana Campus student can also be referred to the Health Service at 724-357-2550. If Health Service is closed, refer the student to the Emergency Department of the nearest hospital.

    If the alleged assault occurred more than 72 hours previously, the survivor should be referred to the nearest hospital for medical care only. (No evidence collection can occur.)

    This step is important so that she or he receives proper assessment and treatment of any physical injuries sustained in the assault. It is also important to determine the survivor’s risk of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy and take preventive measures.

    Support Offices/Agencies

    Crime Victim Hotline 800-435-7249

    Indiana Campus Area

    IUP Haven Project

    Alice Paul House
    Free, confidential support for sexual assault survivors: 724-349-4444

    Indiana Regional Medical Center 724-357-7121

    IUP Counseling Center

    Department of Disability Access and Advising

    IUP Health Service

    Pittsburgh East Area

    IUP Haven Project 724-357-3947

    PAAR (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape - Support includes a free, confidential, 24-hour helpline) 866-363-7273

    Forbes Regional Hospital 412-858-2323

    Northpointe Campus Area

    IUP Haven Project 724-357-3947

    HAVIN, Inc. (Free, confidential support for sexual assault survivors) 724-548-8888


    Armstrong County Memorial Hospital 724-543-8500

    Punxsutawney Campus Area

    IUP Haven Project 724-357-3947

    Passages (Free, confidential support for sexual assault survivors) 800-793-3620/877-776-5303

    Crossroads Project (Domestic, dating violence, stalking) 800-598-3998

    Punxsutawney Area Hospital 814-938-1800 

    Reporting and Investigating

    Ensure that the survivor is in a safe and secure environment and encourage him/her to preserve all physical evidence. In cases requiring immediate attention or assistance, survivors should contact 911.

    Contact University Police at 724-357-2141. When reporting the assault to the university police, the survivor relinquishes the right to decide if legal and/or university disciplinary action will be taken against the person who perpetrated the assault.

    A University Police officer will assist the survivor in reporting the assault and refer him or her to the appropriate office for follow-up through the legal and/or university student conduct system. 

    For more information regarding reporting, resources, and to view IUP's Title IX policy, please see Title IX Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Resources.

    Requesting Academic, Living, Transportation, or Work Accommodations

    Victims can request accommodations if their safety or well-being is at risk. Students can receive assistance in requesting accommodations from the Haven Project at IUP, by contacting 724-357-3947.

    Examples of accommodations include changing academic schedules or on-campus housing assignments, use of IUP’s escort system, and adjustments to work assignments.