Recruitment Begins for IUP Guides

Posted on 4/15/22 2:43 PM

Student Support and Engagement (SSET) is proud to begin recruiting efforts for its Guide program for the 2022–23 school year. Guides will function as support and contact points between students and campus and community resources. Each Guide will be assigned a group of incoming students who they will “follow” through their first year at IUP.

The Guide's purpose is to minimize searching for appropriate campus and community resources on behalf of the student and to foster a deeper and more meaningful connection to the university. SSET encourages any faculty and staff member of the university or the Student Co-op to consider becoming a Guide. Interested staff and faculty should read through the description below for more details:

  • The role of a Guide is solely volunteer. Guides should want to do the work, as opposed to being assigned (or “voluntold”) per their supervisor.

  • Guides are not counselors. If a student needs counseling, they should be referred to the appropriate campus or community resources.

  • Guides are not to provide academic advising. If a student has an academic issue, they are to be referred to their advisor or college dean.

  • Guides' supervisors will be notified of their appointment by the vice president of Student Affairs.

  • While students have a wide range of questions and needs, Guides don't have to know the answers to every question. But they should know and be willing to find the answers, and where to refer students.

  • Guide training will equip volunteers with the necessary campus and community resources to be successful.

  • All Guides will be supported by the University Guide Coordinator.

Basic Expectations for an IUP Guide

  • At a minimum, Guides will be asked to contact the list of assigned students at least three times per semester (Welcome Week, around mid-terms, around final exams). Guides may also wish to share university news or events on an ongoing basis, as it reflects the interests of the students.

  • Guides should respond swiftly to students' concerns and questions (preferably, within one business day). If Guides are away from the university and/or not checking email, they should provide an away message that directs students to the account for assistance.

  • Guides should refer students to University Police or 9-1-1 for emergencies.

  • Guides will be required to attend one initial training. Trainings will be offered towards the end of the summer and will be held both in-person and via Zoom. Specific details about training dates will be provided to anyone who volunteers for the program.

Staff and faculty interested in serving as Guides can sign up via the Guide Application.

For questions, please reach out to the SSET co-chairs: