As it has done in recent years, the Division for Student Affairs is promoting #IUPLeads during the upcoming, high-celebratory Homecoming weekend. But this time, the division is focusing on individual students to make a difference via their personal social media accounts.

Thanks to the student group BACCHUS, over $500 in prizes have been donated to the cause. These will be raffled off to students who fulfill all the requirements of the campaign during the week of October 11. With oversight by the #IUPLeads Committee, students are encouraged to participate in the primarily social media-centered campaign. Students are asked to register on Crimson Connect, create a sign that displays a safety message on their window, chalk safety messages on-campus, and post on social media using #IUPLeads. Students who register will be provided with sample messages that they can use or rework and center around:

  1. Encouragement of abstaining from alcohol and drugs or

  2. Alcohol safety messages that include one of the following:

    • Avoiding pre-game warmups, drinking games, chugging or any behavior that spikes BAC

    • How to make low-risk drinking decisions like sipping, pacing drinks, avoiding hard liquor, etc.

    • Alternate alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic beverages

    • Eat foods high in protein before drinking

    • Not drinking or using drugs and driving/ selecting a designated driver

    • Set a drink limit that keeps your BAC in check and sticking to it

    • Using a buddy system to watch out for one another

    • Info about medical amnesty:

      • It’s OK to call 911. You have immunity if you:

        • Are the first person to call;

        • Give your real name to the 911 operator;

        • Remain with the person until help arrives.

Ann Sesti, a member of the #IUPLeads Committee and advisor to BACCHUS, is proud to provide prizes to students who take advantage of this opportunity. Sesti says, “We’ve been doing some sort of iteration of #IUPLeads for the past several years, mostly focusing on student groups. For Homecoming this year, we hope that individual students will participate to help spread the word about high-risk behavior. And, they have a chance to win some amazing prizes. A special shout-out goes to BACCHUS for donating so many wonderful prizes.” 

Caitlin Aiello, a member of the #IUPLeads Committee, is interested in seeing how individual students participate in this year’s campaign. Aiello says, “We’ve had a lot of student groups participate over the past few years with a lot of success. Most participants have gone above and beyond the basic requirements of posting on social media. I hope to see the same level of engagement on behalf of our students turned social media influencers.”

Any student who is interested in leading the charge through the #IUPLeads campaign can get more information and sign up via Crimson Connect. The sign-up form will be open until midnight on September 27. Questions should be directed to the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs at