Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate

Prepare to Become an Assistant Behavior Analyst

Earn a certificate in behavior analysis as an undergraduate student. The courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to function as a Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) and are aligned to the requirements of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. The courses satisfy one of the three requirements to be eligible to become a BCaBA. (Note: The two remaining requirements, supervised field experience and earning a passing score on the BCaBA examination, are not part of this undergraduate certificate.) Find more information about the BCaBA requirements here.

Program Requirements

Course Name Credits
EDEX 340 Introduction to Behavior Management in Special Education 3cr
EDEX 435 Methods and Curriculum - Severe Cognitive Disabilities 3cr
EDEX 440 Ethical and Professional Behavior 1cr
EDEX 469 Education of Persons with Emotional Disabilities/Behavioral Disabilities/Learning Disabilities/Traumatic Brain Injury 3cr
EDSP 476 Foundations of Behavioral Analysis 3cr

Why Become an Assistant Behavior Analyst

Professionals working with individuals with behavioral concerns are increasingly being required to gain training and certifications by employers. The Behavior Analysis Certification Board is a national organization that provides certification for both graduate- and undergraduate-level students.

You can attain the Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst credential by completing coursework, field hours, and passing a national examination. The courses comprising the certificate program prepare you to work with individuals of all ages who demonstrate the need for well-designed behavioral planning.

The coursework that makes up the certificate program contains the required material to allow you to pursue the national certification. Completing this coursework during your undergraduate studies, will enable you to take the national exam and begin the supervised field hours required, as soon as you are employed. This will be attractive to all employers who require the Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analysis credential such as school districts, social agencies, approved private schools, etc.