Carina Heckert in Bolivia RESEARCH ADVANTAGE — Carina Heckert '06, MA '09 in Sociology, is an assistant professor at the University of Texas at El Paso. “Research experience (while at IUP) ultimately helped me enter a PhD program and, later, gave me an advantage,” said Heckert, who has researched global health policies related to HIV/AIDS in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (above).

What's Happening for Graduate Students

Sociology graduate students can engage in activities outside of the classroom that enhance their area of expertise.

Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research and Training Institute (MARTI)

Founded in 1988, MARTI is among the first institutes in the country to utilize the expertise of treatment programs and a university to provide high-quality training in the fields of chemical dependency and associated problems. The institute also develops and coordinates intramural and extramural research projects while providing research and training experience for graduate students entering the field.

The Administration and Leadership Studies Research and Training Center (ALS-RTC)

This applied, interdisciplinary center supports sponsored research, program evaluation, policy analysis, technology transfer, and training. The Administration and Leadership Studies Research and Training Center (ALS-RTC) promotes interdisciplinary studies on specific themes and develops contacts among researchers across geographical areas to foster an exchange of information and to encourage the development of research and training.