Choose to do a Thesis or Take the Non-Thesis Option

To complete your MA in Sociology, you can select either a six-credit thesis option or a non-thesis option. The thesis option requires six-credit thesis as part of the 37 credits and successful defense of a thesis paper. The non-thesis option requires a total of 37 credits and successful completion of a portfolio.

Up to nine credit hours may be taken outside of the department. No more than one-third of a student's total credit hours may be dual-level (500-level) courses. Former IUP undergraduates may not repeat dual-level courses for graduate credit.

Our courses include:

Required Courses (16 credits)

SOC 700: Proseminar (1 credit)
SOC 705: Research Seminar in Sociology (3 credits)
SOC 707: Scholarly Writing in Social Sciences (3 credits)
SOC 709: Contemporary Sociological Theory (3 credits)
SOC 762: Analysis of Social Data (3 credits)
SOC 765: Qualitative Research of Methods (3 credits)

Thesis Option (21 credits)

SOC 795: Thesis (6 credits)
Approved Electives (15 credits)

Non-Thesis Option (21 credits)

Approved Electives (21 credits)
Portfolio (0 credits)

Sociology Electives

SOC 517: Global Service Learning
SOC 527: Sociological Perspectives on Intimate Partner Violence
SOC 528: Child Abuse
SOC 542: Medical Sociology
SOC 552: Disability and Society
SOC 710: Sociology of Human Services
SOC 721: Sociology of Health Care
SOC 732: Addiction and the Family
SOC 736: Sociology of the Family
SOC 744: Sociology of Deviance
SOC 746: Sociological Perspectives on Social Psychology
SOC 748: Gender and Society
SOC 754: Social Inequality
SOC 756: Social Change
SOC 757: Aging and Society
SOC 777: Teaching Sociology
SOC 798: Internship