Mandatory Title IX and Protection of Minors Training

IUP is committed to maintaining a community free from sexual discrimination and sexual misconduct, and to promoting the safety and security of minors who visit campus or participate in our programs. In compliance with federal and state laws, and the State System's Board of Governors, ALL university and university-related personnel must complete annual training on the university's Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy (Title IX) and the Protection of Minors Policy. Additional training on diversity, equity, and inclusion have been assigned by PASSHE.

Training for Employees, Student Workers, Graduate Assistants, and University Affiliates/Contractors/Units/Centers

Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) has partnered with EverFi to provide critical education and training to all university-related personnel. Training is accomplished in one of the following ways:

1. All New Hires and Continuing or Returning Personnel (employees, student workers, graduate assistants, and university-related personnel)

This group includes those who are paid or compensated in any way by the university. These participants receive and complete EverFi/Foundry modules: 1) “Preventing Harassment and Discrimination;” 2) “Protecting Youth;” and 3) modules related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Emails containing personalized access links and technical instructions are sent from PASSHE to all continuous/returning personnel. 

Notes and Reminders:

  • You have 30 days to complete all courses.
  • The sender of the invitation email is Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education,, with the subject, “Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has assigned you training.”
  • Emails/links can not be shared or forwarded, as they are specific to each employee so that course completion can be recorded correctly in SAP.
  • Technical information is included in the PASSHE email invitation (e.g., best browsers to use, how to get technical support).
  • New hires have been/will continue to be assigned as payroll paperwork is processed.
  • Supervisors should be sure that their student workers and graduate assistants complete the trainings. Payroll Services and the Social Equity and Title IX Office are not able to generate tracking reports for this group.
  • Time during work hours and computer access are to be provided in order for all personnel to meet their requirement.

2. All Others Who Require a Form of Training (summer programming/camp personnel, student leaders, student athletes, student organizations, student interns, students involved in field experiences, etc.)

This group includes those who are NOT paid or compensated in any way by the university. These participants complete the Qualtrics Training Overview as accessed below. Personnel involved in these programs, and other notified individuals and groups, may be required—and are highly encouraged—to complete the training overview. (This would encompass individuals and groups not entered into SAP through payroll or other means.)

If you are in this category and have been directed to this site, you are now able to access your required training overview through the link below. Be sure to click through to the final screen in order to receive your certificate and for your participation to be recorded. (Please note that this is a combined presentation and there is only one Qualtrics link.)

Qualtrics Link: Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct and Protection of Minors Training Overview

  • For non-paid individuals and groups, or by invitation only
  • Note: The training overview link is not to be used as an alternative for the annual mandatory training for employees and university-related personnel, who will meet their obligation through EverFi/Foundry courses.

Questions about your Training Obligation?

Please contact your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources (

Exceptions to Online Training

The material contained in the three training options may be intense and trigger emotional responses in some participants. If you believe you would be better served meeting the training requirement through a one-on-one personal conversation with Elise Glenn, chief diversity and inclusion officer/Title IX coordinator, please email

Requests for In-Person or Zoom Group Overviews of Training Material and Resources

Supervisors and advisors of groups and organizations (e.g., ROTC, Honors College, Athletics, Greek Leaders, etc.) may request an in-person or Zoom Q&A and overview of the training material and resources once each member of the group has completed one of the training options. Elise Glenn, chief diversity and inclusion officer/Title IX coordinator, would be happy to meet with groups to introduce herself and to highlight points regarding the university's Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy, university processes, and resources available on campus and within the community. To schedule an overview presentation, please email Please note that this presentation does not take the place of the required annual training.

Resources and Further Information

Please download and keep the Where to Turn for Help (pdf) listing as a reference.

Further information can be found on the Title IX Sexual Discrimination and Misconduct Resources or Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy pages.

For specific information on Protection of Minors, please visit the Protection of Minors Policy, under the umbrella of the Office of Human Resources. How to report incidents of concern involving minors to the PA Childline and Abuse Registry is included within this policy page. Reminder: If your organization is hosting an event on campus involving minors, please refer to the Protection of Minors Event Registration page, also under the Office of Human Resources.