Types of Admissions Accepted

  • Proposal Submission Deadline

    11:59 p.m., February 28, 2020

  • For Poster Presentations

    If you are making a poster, please keep in mind that the poster size is 36 inches high by 48 inches wide. Posters will be displayed on rolling bulletin boards at the event.

    Here are some resources that may help you prepare your poster:

    For Oral Presentations

    Your presentation may be 15 minutes long, plus five minutes for questions and answers. Your presentation will be part of a session that includes up to four presentations. Session chairs will keep the presentations on schedule, and presentations may not go beyond 20 minutes total. You will be notified by e-mail about when your presentation is scheduled as soon as the conference sessions are finalized.

    Each presenter will have access to a computer and an LCD projector. If you plan to use PowerPoint, please be sure to have your presentation loaded onto a flash or jump drive so that you can simply open the presentation from that drive. You will not be able to access any shared network folders from the computer in the presentation room.

    The forum organizers understand that the forum is held on a day when classes are in session. However, presenters are strongly encouraged to stay for their entire session in case questions arise during other presentations related to your presentation and so that other presenters in the same session are not disrupted.

    Here are some resources that may help you prepare your presentation:

    For Performances/Exhibits

    Students in the creative arts are invited to participate in the conference by presenting visual art installations, literary readings, or performances. Performances/presentations will be for a maximum of 20 minutes, allowing for a question and answer period during that timeframe.

    For Business Presentations

    The Eberly College of Business and Information Technology is holding a business case competition as part of the Undergraduate Scholars Forum. Interested undergraduates will receive a copy of the business case from the IUP Department of Management; please contact Joette Wisnieski (joette.wisnieski@iup.edu). After reviewing the case, students are expected to research the company, business environment, strategy, competition, and products and services and present their conclusions to an audience of business faculty members and business owners who serve as judges.

    For Art Exhibit

    The exhibition is open to undergraduate and graduate art students. Submissions are handled through the online application. An initial review is conducted by Art faculty, and selected pieces are displayed at the event.

    Award Information

    To recognize exemplary scholarly achievements, monetary prizes are awarded. Undergraduate and graduate awards will be given in these categories: Dean’s Award, Outstanding Poster Presentation, Outstanding Oral Presentation, Best Performance (College of Fine Arts), and Juried Art (College of Fine Arts).

    Day of the Event Information

    Information about the day of the event is forthcoming.