How to Submit

The Scholars Forum provides students with an opportunity for scholarly development by presenting their original research, scholarly activities, teacher work samples, or creative endeavors. Conference participation is designed to foster scholarship and collegiality among undergraduate students and faculty members and to provide a forum for undergraduate students to discuss their academic work with a community of scholars.

Fifteenth Annual Scholars Forum
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Proposal Submission Deadline

Monday, March 1, 2021

Students currently enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania are invited to present their research or creative works at the annual Scholars Forum. Students graduating from undergraduate programs in December are eligible to submit a proposal to the forum as long as they are able to attend the event and present their work. Submissions must represent high-quality work that goes beyond the typical classroom assignment and must have a faculty sponsor who will attest to the quality of the work. Research done in collaboration with faculty, other students, or practicing professionals is eligible as long as the student has played a substantial role in the activity.

Student submissions are accepted in these formats:

  • Oral Presentation: Each oral presentation may be 15 to 20 minutes in length. All oral presentations will be pre-recorded and presented in an asynchronous format for the 2021 Scholars Forum. This format is ideal for work that is in more advanced stages of completion since it allows for the presentation of a research or creative project with research results, if available.

  • Poster Presentation: All posters will be in an asynchronous format for the 2021 Scholars Forum. Posters will consist of one slide and may be accompanied by a short, pre-recorded video (5 minutes maximum).

  • Performance (Musical/Creative): Undergraduate and graduate students may participate in the conference with literary readings, musical performances, or dance performances. Performances may be 20 minutes in length. All performances will be pre-recorded and presented in an asynchronous format for the 2021 Scholars Forum. Contact Laura Ferguson (

  • Juried Art Exhibit: Undergraduate and graduate students interested in participating in the art exhibit can submit their work for review via our submission system. Initial review is handled by faculty from the Art and Design Department and selected pieces are displayed at the Forum. All juried art will be displayed in an asynchronous format for the 2021 Scholars Forum. Contact Sharon Massey (

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Under no circumstances will late submissions be accepted!

Students must complete all information requested in the online submission system. A checklist of required information is available for students interested in preparing for their submission via InfoReady. Some of the information requested includes:

  • Student presenters' contact information

    • Please note that only IUP email addresses will be accepted. Students who list non-IUP email addresses in their contact information will not receive important information about their presentation. You are responsible for monitoring your IUP email account for important information related to your presentation.

    • In cases where more than one student is doing the presentation, please note that the name listed first will be considered to be the “lead” presenter. The lead presenter will receive information about the presentation. It is the responsibility of the “lead” presenter to make sure all co-presenters receive this important presentation information.

  • Title of Presentation

  • Abstract of 150 words or less

    • Your abstract should summarize the presentation and be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Abstracts will not be edited by Undergraduate Scholars Forum personnel. Your abstract will be printed in the final program as it appears in the proposal submission.

  • Name and IUP email address of sponsoring faculty member

    • Faculty members must review and approve your presentation information prior to submitting it to forum organizers.

  • Human Subjects in Research

For more information, please send an email to