For Current Graduate Student Affairs in Higher Education Students

  • The resources below are designed to provide information and assistance to current SAHE students as they pursue their studies.

  • Non-IUP Practicum Site Processing Form
    Non-IUP Practicum Site Processing Form 
    Practicum Proposal Form
    Updated February 9th, 2021
    Resources for current students in the SAHE program.
    Student Handbook
    Links to the SAHE student handbooks
    Scholarships available to students in the SAHE program.
    Registering for Classes
    Provides a brief description of the registration process.
    Visitation and Graduate Assistantship Interviews
    The Visitation Program is a two-day event that allows prospective SAHE students to come to campus and become familiar with the entire SAHE program.
    Associates for Student Development
    History, mission, and constitution of Student Affairs in Higher Education student organization.