1. Stay in touch with your advisor.

Stop in the department office, meet Jolene Campbell, the department secretary, say hello to the department chairperson, and meet your advisor. If you can't find your advisor because of conflicting schedules, leave a message. Your advisor will return your call and schedule a meeting that's convenient for both of you. Remember, advisors can help with all types of questions.

2. Make a commitment to achieve academic success.

Go to class, complete your assignments, and ASK FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT. If you're having difficulty with any class, talk with your professor, go to scheduled study sessions the professor may offer, and take advantage of the various learning assistance programs on campus. Tutors from the Learning Center and the Writing Center can be helpful throughout the semester.

3. Get involved in campus activities.

Whether it's athletic events, art shows, concerts, lectures, student government or clubs and organizations, plan some time to have fun! Learn more about the IUP campus community.

4. Consider joining the IUP Chapter of American Society of Safety Engineers.

We recommend that all safety sciences majors be active members of the student chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers. Members of this preprofessional organization are involved in social and service projects and enjoy informative programs and opportunities for interaction with safety majors across Pennsylvania and the United States. Membership significantly assists students with career development.