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To learn more about IUP, the Nursing program, and a career as a registered nurse:

For Prospective Freshmen

  • Admission Criteria: A student interested in applying to the Nursing program at IUP requires a minimumSAT score of 1030 (Mathematics and Critical Reading sections only) anda minimumcumulative high school grade point average of 3.25.
  • For more details about a recommended timeline for the application process and to apply, visit Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Living-Learning Communities: Nursing students are encouraged to join clinical laboratory, respiratory care, and nuclear medicine technology students in a living-learning community located in the Suites on Maple East. This option provides an excellent opportunity to share living space with students who have similar interests and similar curriculum requirements.
  • Academic Support Services: The nursing curriculum includes many challenging courses. IUP offers walk-in peer tutors, special supplemental instruction tutoring sessions, and other support services which help students succeed and excel. For more detail, visit the Department of Developmental Studies.
  • All nursing students are assigned a nursing faculty advisor.

For IUP Students Who Want to Change Their Major to Nursing

Minimum requirements to be considered for a seat in the Nursing program:

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA at the end of the semester.
  • 24 credits completed, 12 of which must be completed at IUP.
  • A minimum grade of a "C" in the following required courses:
    • CHEM 101
    • CHEM102
    • BIOL 150
  • First-semester freshman are not eligible to apply.
  • Number of accepted students is based on seats available.

Students should apply to change their major during the semester they plan to finish the minimum requirements. If there are any questions about the change of major process, please contact Katie Rowe in the Nursing Department at 724-357-2558 or by email at

For Students That Currently Have an LPN License

Individuals who already have an LPN license from an accredited, approved practical nursing program and would like to further their education to obtain a BS in Nursing could apply to this program. Along with having an LPN license, students must also have completed the following courses with a "C" or better in order to be admitted to the program: CHEM 101, CHEM 102, BIOL 150 (Human Anatomy), and BIOL 240 (Human Physiology).

For Students Who Already Have a Bachelor's Degree (Second Degree)

Individuals who have already earned one bachelor's degree may be admitted to the university with advanced placement. To earn the second bachelor's degree, students must meet the remaining requirements for graduation specified for the Nursing program. Students must have the following courses complete with a minimum of a "C": CHEM 101, CHEM 102, PSYCH 310 (Developmental Psychology), BIOL 150 (Human Anatomy), BIOL 240 (Human Physiology), and BIOL 241 (Intro to Medical Micro).

Contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office for application information. In addition, the department chairperson is available to assist in the preliminary planning process for earning a second bachelor's degree and beginning a career as a registered nurse.