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Become a Nursing Educator or Administrator

With IUP advanced degree programs, you'll receive excellent support from knowledgeable faculty who will challenge you to deepen your grasp of the nursing profession. Flexible schedule and dual campus options make it possible to pursue higher learning despite a busy personal and professional life. Our top-notch technological resources also allow you to conduct the types of research that may inspire progress in the healthcare arena. IUP is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a doctoral/research-intensive institution.


With a master's or PhD degree in nursing from IUP, you will be well prepared for many positions in the field.

The need for doctorally prepared nurse educators is critical at this time, as schools of nursing are turning away promising future nurses because of insufficient numbers of qualified nursing faculty. Job opportunities exist in all regions of the country. In Pennsylvania, nursing salaries are competitive in state funded and private institutions.

Entry-level instructors earn approximately $40,000 for 10 months of teaching. Full professors can expect to earn in excess of $100,000 for 10 months. Salaries are dictated by rank, experience, and educational qualifications. The nursing faculty shortage is expected to continue since there are insufficient numbers of qualified faculty to meet the demands. Projections for faculty employment for the future remains high.