U-SOAR Program Events

  • RESS Pizza Party

    Program Events

    U-SOAR events include professional development, socials, opportunities to practice your elevator speech, interdisciplinary exchanges, and research presentations. For summer 2021, events will take place on Wednesday mornings from 11:00 a.m. to noon. All events will take place via Zoom. All U-SOAR participants are required to attend a minimum of three of the following events leading up to the symposium on August 6:

    • June 2: Welcome and Two-minute Introductions
      Meet the other U-SOAR researchers and introduce yourself.
    • June 16: Research Update Presentations
      Get project updates from three to four researchers. Learn what they’re working on, how it’s going, and their future goals.
    • June 30: Résumé/CV Workshop
      Get tips and tricks on writing your résumé/CV. This event will include plenty of time for questions and the opportunity to have your résumé/CV reviewed by professors in your field. 
    • July 14: Research Update Presentations
      More project updates from other researchers. If you haven’t shared yours yet, volunteer to. 
    • July 28: Presentation Workshop
      Learn the fundamentals of a great Zoom presentation and how to record it. 
    • August 6: Research Symposium
      All U-SOAR students must submit a prerecorded research presentation. You’ll also need to be there live to answer any questions from symposium attendees. 

    Research Symposium

    This special event gives you a chance to present your summer research project and discuss all aspects of your summer adventure with fellow students. Build your academic credentials when you share the strides you made in research, and listen to what other types of exciting research has been done this summer.

    Participation is required.