Undergraduate Graduation Application

The graduation application process is an online function available through MyIUP. Failure to meet the application deadline will result in the graduate's name not being printed in the commencement booklet.

International Students: Starting May 2020, all international student diplomas will be mailed to the IUP Office of International Education for distribution. Once the diplomas arrive at the OIE, students will be emailed. Students will then select 1) to pick up the diploma in person from the OIE (free); or 2) to pay for express mail to a US or international address. Please direct questions to intl-education@iup.edu.

Undergraduate students (including associate degree and dual baccalaureate degree students) are required to apply for graduation in their next to final semester of enrollment by the established deadlines:

Graduation Month Deadline to Apply
May November 15
August April 1
December April 1
January December 1

Graduate students should consult the general requirements for the School of Graduate Studies and Research set forth in the Graduate Catalog.

How to Apply for Graduation

  1. Sign in to MyIUP using your IUP network account.

  2. Click the Academics link.

  3. In the Modify Academic Record section, click Apply for Graduation/Undergraduate.

  4. Your IUP official academic record will display. This contains your name, IUP ID number, program of study, and your major(s) and minor(s). It is important that you check this information carefully. If a program of study, major, or minor is incorrect, your graduation checkout will be affected. If you want to add or change a major or minor, you must contact your assistant dean or your advisor.

  5. You must select a graduation date. Please note that the online graduation application can only be used until the graduation application deadline. After the deadline date, the online program is not active. If you are applying after the deadline date, you must go in person to your college associate dean's office and petition for permission to graduate.

  6. Place the cursor into the box for your name. Your diploma will bear your full legal name in accordance with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Board of Governors' Policy. Your diploma name will be the same as your transcript name in MyIUP. (Exception: If you would like your middle name in place of your middle initial on your diploma, please indicate in the space provided.)

    If you would like to make an official name change, please complete and submit a Name Change/Correction form (including legal documentation of your name change) along with a Changes to the Graduation Application form. This paperwork must be submitted one month prior to the end of term in which you are graduating.

  7. Place the cursor into the address box and type in the address to where you want your diploma sent after you are cleared for graduation. Please note that whatever address you enter here has no impact on the address(es) IUP currently has on record for you. This diploma mailing address does not update any address you have with the university. This is strictly for mailing your diploma.

  8. Please double-check all the information you have entered. If you are satisfied it is correct, click on the gray Submit button.

  9. The information you have entered will display. Any time you come back to check the “Apply for Graduation” page, the information you have entered will display. You cannot update this information online. If you have any corrections after you have submitted your information, you must contact the Registrar's Office in Clark Hall.

  10. Please go to the link containing information regarding graduation for the date for which you are planning to graduate. You should refer to this graduation information and be watchful for other information to be mailed to you.