• The Pass/Fail policy gives undergraduate students the option of taking a course for credit but without quality points. Students receiving a grade of “P” for the course will receive course credit but no quality points. However, a grade of “F” received by students will be treated as a regular failing grade. Students who are beyond their freshman year are permitted to take one course pass/fail per semester, with a 15-credit limit throughout their undergraduate college career.

    All courses in the liberal studies program and major/minor fields are excluded from this option. Instructors will not be notified of the identity of Pass/Fail students—this will be handled in the grade processing procedures.

    Students have six weeks from the beginning of the semester to exercise the Pass/Fail option for a course (note specific published deadlines). Pass/Fail forms, available in departmental offices, must be filed by the specified deadline for validation in the Scheduling Center in Clark Hall.