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  • How to Assign an Advisor
    How to assign a new advisor (when advisor has not yet been entered).
    How to Identify Students Who Need Advisors
    This form will enable you to generate a listing of students in your department requiring advisor assignment.
    Program, Major, Concentration, Minor, and Certificate Codes
    Lists the program, major, and concentration codes.
  • Entering Final Grades on the Web (URSA)
    Student grades for courses must be entered via URSA on the Web for Faculty product. This is the ONLY way grades can be entered by faculty members.
    Entering Faculty Office Hours (URSA)
    Faculty members can enter office hours for courses in which they are listed as the instructor.
    Entering a Faculty Syllabus (URSA)
    Faculty members can enter syllabus information for sections they are listed as the instruct, and students can view this information in the Secure Area of URSA.
    Midterm Grading Procedures for Undergraduate Students
    Midterm Grading Procedures for Undergraduate Students
  • Alternate Personal Identification Number Form (SPAAPIN)
    Alternate Personal Identification Number Form – SPAAPIN This form is used to access, modify, or assign a student’s Alternate PIN for registration transactions. Alternate PINs are semester-based access codes and are required when students process registration transactions via web registration for the fall or spring seme
    Building Sections for Thesis and Dissertation
    Building Sections in Banner for Thesis and Dissertation
    Course Registration Form (SFAREGS)
    1 6.11.2013 SFAREGS Student Course Registration Form SFAREGS enables you to perform registration transactions. After reviewing this documentation you will be able to:  Adjust a student’s maximum registration hours  Add a course section to a student’s schedule  Drop a course section from a student’s schedule  Withdr
    Course Registration Audit Form (SFASTCA)
    The Student Course Registration Audit Form allows you to view all registration transactions performed on a students record for a specific term.
    Guidelines For Semester Schedule Building
    Developed by a special committee assembled to review scheduling of classes within the university in order to best utilize classroom space on campus.
    Scheduled Class Times
    Scheduled Class Times for Indiana Campus
    Prerequisite Checking by College
    This form allows a college to view which students are enrolled for a given term within courses in which they do not satisfy the prerequisites.
    Semester Course Schedule Users Guide
    1 User’s Guide to Building and Maintaining the Semester Course Schedule in Banner Scheduling Center Clark Hall 321 724-357-2217 option 2 November 2014 2 Table of Contents Getting Started ............................................................................................. 4 Fields on First Window of SSASECT Ter
    Student Registration Permit Override Form (SFASRPO)
    8/6/2013 Student Registration Permit Override Form – SFASRPO SFASRPO enables you to issue a permit to individual students, allowing them to register for course sections that are restricted and/or closed. Also displayed on this form is the student’s current schedule for the chosen term. • Enter the appropriate student I
    Updating Academic Standing on SFAREGS (7)
    Updating Academic Standing in Banner
  • Ordering Printing Transcripts
    How to Order and Print Transcripts
    Student Progress Sheets for a Given Graduation Date: SWPGRPT
    Student Progress sheets for a Particular Graduation Date
    Student Advisement Progress Sheets
    Working with Student Advisement Progress Sheets in Banner
    Printing Unofficial Transcripts in Batch
    Instructions for printing unofficial transcripts by batch using the same population selection options available for printing CAPP reports in batch.