Majors in Psychology

  • OPPORTUNITIES TO GAIN EXPERIENCE: Jessica Hoover, psychology student, talks about her experiences with the psychology honors program, research with a professor, and her internship at the Community Guidance Center.

    Explore your potential—Develop the ability to be a flexible thinker

    Developing thinking and communication skills and having the ability to apply them comfortably to a wide number of settings—that is the true value and flexibility of being a psychology major.

    With a BA in Psychology at IUP, you’ll choose at least one course from each of six core areas of study and at least two electives. You’ll also be required to choose a minor or concentration in another discipline. You have complete freedom to choose any minor or concentration that best suits your interests or furthers your career plans. The most common minors for our psychology major are in biology, human development and family science, educational psychology, and sociology.

    BA in Psychology

    • Choose your path—developmental psychology, clinical/counseling psychology, social psychology, learning, cognitive psychology, physiological/biological psychology, or industrial/organizational psychology
    • Develop competencies in oral and written communication
    • Understand human relationships and human diversity
    • Obtain real world practice through the Psychology Practicum
    • Attend research conferences and assist in research projects

    BA in Psychology, Honors Track

    Designed for the student considering graduate school. Learn more about the program.

    • Experience the type of class you will encounter in graduate school
    • Sharpen research skills and provide evidence to graduate schools that you possess the requisite research ability to complete graduate training
    • Develop an honors thesis and present it at a departmental colloquium your final semester